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J.B. writes everything from urban to high fantasy and everything in between.  There are also elements of mystery, romance, and plenty of thought-provoking ideas.  There's a little something for everyone.

Unlocked- Blood Runs True Book 1


Marsena du Valond has been a slave all her life.  When she is given the chance at freedom, she takes it.  All she must do is kill Verador, a famous Hunter.  When Verador ends up being the father she only knows from her deceased mother’s stories, Marsena then has a choice to make: her freedom or her father’s life.

The first in the planned trilogy of Blood Runs True.  Coming soon!

Cover design by Crystal Kirkham

Unchained- Blood Runs True Book 2



Marsena and Landas have been given a warning from Kellaria.  Now, they will travel to the city of Falmaria where secrets and betrayal await them both.  As conflict and the machinations swirl around them, they must learn to trust themselves– and each– other if they hope to meet an ever-growing threat.


The second in the planned trilogy of Blood Runs True.  Most likely ready in 2019.



The Death Knell Sounds
Book 1 of the Mortal Shroud


Myths come to life in the modern day in this fantasy novel about a mysterious woman who is much more than she seems. The owner of a bar known as the Den, it is a haven for those of the supernatural community. But something is preying upon their city and citizens - particularly those of the occult persuasion- are disappearing. Can the owner of the Den and a ghost from her past find out what is causing this- and then stop it- before they're next?

The first in the planned trilogy of the Mortal Shroud.  Could be a while before it is finished.

Cover design by Tori Bryce


Mortal Choreography
Book 2 of the Mortal Shroud


The sequel to The Death Knell Sounds, it follows Wolf, Evander, Rand, Kara, Cian, and the rest of the Den crew as they scramble to figure out just what is preying upon their friends before one of them becomes its next victim.

The second in the planned trilogy of the Mortal Shroud.  Going to be even longer before it's finished.

Cover design by Tori Bryce

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