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This is where you can find the status of my newest projects.  Further down the page is where you can see any news or events coming up.

Unlocked- Blood Runs True Book 1


Marsena du Valond has been a slave all her life.  When she is given the chance at freedom, she takes it.  All she must do is kill Verador, a famous Hunter.  When Verador ends up being the father she only knows from her deceased mother’s stories, Marsena then has a choice to make: her freedom or her father’s life.


Current Status:  Beta reading phase




Unchained- Blood Runs True Book 2


Marsena and Landas have been given a warning from Kellaria.  Now, they will travel to the city of Falmaria where secrets and betrayal await them both.  As conflict and the machinations swirl around them, they must learn to trust themselves– and each– other if they hope to meet an ever-growing threat.


Current Status:  Outlining phase



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